Flamenco Guitar Lessons Via Skype



Philip is now available for Skype lessons.

Classes are for all levels, including complete beginners and shall be on a one on one basis.

Attention will be given to the proper technique for playing flamenco as taught to Philip by Paco Peña and used by leading flamenco players.

Lessons will also focus on the techniques used in accompanying flamenco dance, Philip has great experience accompanying dance.

At each lesson at least one falseta will be taught to the student and that falseta sent to the pupil in musical notation or TAB, as a PDF file.

Click HERE to download Skype (opens in new tab).

The lessons can be in English, Spanish or basic Dutch.

Contact us for prices and more info.

Skype username: philip.adie

Contact me via the web page or at philip.guitarra@gmail.com