Flamenco Ex

EX is a flamenco show which brings together dance, music and multimedia. It is a proposal in which one searches to EXperience, EXpress, and EXplore the meeting points between tradition and modernity. Through a mix of disciplines this show becomes a journey that symbolizes the meeting of seemingly very different worlds. In this performance one discovers flamenco music, progressive music, samples, flamenco and modern dance


EX is a multicultural project produced in Seville with musicians and dancers who live here and in the Netherlands. It is an encounter between artists of different styles. On the one hand traditional guitar, flamenco and cante hondo, and on the other, musicians and dancers of different nationalities who bring in new trends of music and dance.

The proposal is open, with the goal of creating an environment where different worlds can meet and learn to understand one another. At the end of the show we discover what the result of this meeting is.The aim of this work is to present the art of flamenco in conjunction with a language better known by the Dutch public such as that of contemporary dance. Demonstrate that flamenco is open and can be an accumulation of things. Both languages (the tradition and contemporary) are different and yet can be understood.

Visual arts, flamenco and contemporary dance, flamenco & electronic music and raging percussion come together to create a production filled with passion, mystery and humor. Tradition, art, folklore, modernism, the old, the new, the possible and the impossible …

Ex_Marga & Zaddik